New to vape? What to look for?

Posted by Bandhav Fadia on 13th Sep 2022

New to vape? What to look for?

If you’re interested in trying a vape device instead of always smoking cigarettes, there are lots of benefits to doing so. Not only does an electronic cigarette mimic the process of smoking, so you will still get to enjoy a similar habit, but e-cigarettes provide you with greater control over how much nicotine you’re getting on a daily basis, allowing you to manage your cravings.

When you have been smoking tobacco for a long time, using an e-cigarette can be a big change, but it can be just as enjoyable, if not more so in the long run. Below we have created a list of useful tips for any new e-cigarette users, highlighting some of the best and easiest ways you can improve your overall vaping experience.

Upgrade your cigalike to a vape pen

It isn’t uncommon for people to purchase a cigalike when they first start using an e-cigarette, however, this isn’t necessarily the best device to use. Often, you will enjoy vaping more when you have a better device, like a vape pen, for example. The device you use will have a huge impact on your vaping experience, so using a bigger and more powerful device is almost always worthwhile. You can still purchase simple starter kits if you opt for a vape pen too and you don’t need to worry about the device being really complicated to use.

Don’t stick to just one e-liquid flavour

Lots of people will use the same e-liquid over and over again when they first start using an e-cigarette, but one of the best things about vaping is how many different flavours you have to choose from. When you vape the same flavour for a long time, you might experience something called ‘vaper’s tongue’ and this will affect the flavour of the vape juice, sometimes it will even cause it to lose all of its flavour. Try experimenting with a few e-liquid flavours and find a handful of favourites you can swap between on a regular basis.

Make sure you’re getting enough nicotine

Simply put, if you’re not putting enough nicotine into your e-liquid, then you’re probably not going to enjoy vaping as much as you could. If you’re used to smoking tobacco products quite heavily, you need to ensure that you’re satisfying your nicotine cravings. However, in the same breath, if you use too much nicotine you may find vaping unpleasant and harsh on your throat. Do some research into nicotine strengths and find a solution that works well for you.